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III-й ежегодный Logistics Innovation Forum 2013

6 февраля 2013 года в конференц-зале гостиницы «Русь» (Киев, ул. Госпитальная, 4) состоится форум «Инновационные решения и технологии эффективного управления логистикой и складом. Минимизация затрат и эффективность».


Всеукраинский День Логиста - неиссякаемый источник ответов и решений (30 ноября)

Бесплатный практикум по оптимизации управления складом на примере существующего проекта.

Семинар «Фрахтовые операции в деятельности транспортно-экспедиторских организаций»

І Международная конференция "Логистика & Архитектура цепей поставок"


Logistic Consulting Centre install first Transcan® Recorders in Ukraine

Опубликовано: 9.10.2012 23:22

Ukraine still lacks strong national regulations for using temperature recorders for domestic transport. However, ATP regulations stipulate that international road haulage requires the presence of a temperature recorder. This is to provide evidence that temperature critical cargoes have been correctly maintained at the right temperature throughout their journey.

LCC are seeing an increasing number of requests for providing temperature monitoring solutions in everything from pharmaceutical to food distribution.

Valeriy Yukhymov of LCC comments “We are seeing rapid Cold Chain growth in Ukraine. Consequently this is increasing the demand for temperature monitoring tools and systems. Becoming an official part of the global Transcan dealer network for the Ukrainian and Russian regions puts us in a great position  to supply these markets, and fulfill the increasing levels of demand with a reliable, proven product.”

Transcan® temperature recorders are fully certified in Ukraine and are intended for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of temperature critical perishable products (food and pharmaceuticals).

Michael Kane Sales Director for Seven Telematics is clear “The approach to defining “best practice”  and cold chain compliance within the Ukraine is very encouraging. We are really pleased to have LCC representing our interests in Ukraine from their base in Kiev.” LCC have a high level of experience and knowledge that is of such premium benefit to the Ukrainian market.

More information on the products and services offered by Logistics Consulting Centre (LCC) can be found on their website www.logistic-consulting.com.ua/en.html


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